Interior Design
Interior Design
ITAC Marine maximizes the integration of livability and beauty of the interior design.
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    ITAC Marine is highly acclaimed for its impressive Italian interior design. There is no lack of luxury and comfort in this timeless style, which brings arts into life.
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    In terms of space, our talented designers subtly leverage the convenience and space layout to maximize both physical and visual comfort. The holistic interiordesign integrates ergonomics and creativity. Inside artificial lighting is appropriately positioned with outside natural lighting, which visually augments the interior spaces. In all projects we never overlook the importance of storage space, functionality, service areas, and the importance of flexible multi-purpose areas.
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    In terms of materials, for different areas and various interiors, ITAC Marine designers will meticulously selectmaterials from our sample library that have the highest functionality and aesthetic value. These materials are not only durable, easy to clean, but also reveal the unique personality of the yacht.
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    Just as the mission of each yacht is to constantly explore the scenery outside. The mission of ITAC Marine interior design is to continually create memorable experiences inside.
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