Naval Architecture
Naval Architecture
ITAC Marine is recognised as a leader in the design of multi-hulls, especially power catamarans for long range navigation.
ITAC Marine has an extensive pedigree of successful projects built at several shipyards worldwide. Our yachts have logged thousands of miles in safety and comfort across most oceans of the world, giving us a proven record and invaluable data for new improvements.

We have gained experience designing most types of crafts, whether they are displacement, semi-displacement or planing hulls.
Highly optimized designs for the best performance, fuel efficiency and seakeeping.
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    Through cooperation with leading research facilities worldwide we carry out extensive CFD campaigns (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and towing tank tests for all our design. We test, analyse and improve our hulls to perform in a wide range of conditions, from performance in calm water to comfortable motion in waves.
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    Our advanced expertise in CFD optimization allow us to accurately predict the behaviour of a new design and which direction to take to improve it according to the client's priorities.
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    Our CFD simulations, often supported by additional towing tank testing, give us precise feedback regarding all characteristics of a new hull. From performance in calm water, such as speed and trim angle. To the analysis of motions in waves, in order to reduce pitching, roll and uncomfortable accelerations.
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    Over the years, ITAC Marine has developed an extensive database of performance and seakeeping data for all designs. With every new project we can leverage this knowledge to improve our designs one step further.
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