About Us
To bring to life the client’s ideas and dreams, supporting them with our creativity and technical expertise. To design yachts that sail in harmony with oceans in a sustainable manner, to explore the world in total piece of mind.
Our Story
ITAC Marine was founded in 2012 by Riccardo Bulgarelli, Italian naval architect and yacht designer.
After working for well-known Italian yacht builders such as Ferretti Group and Dalla Pieta’ Yachts, Riccardo Bulgarelli decided to open his own studio to provide yacht design and engineering services to the growing Chinese yacht industry. Over the years the company grew and started serving clients from everywhere around the world.

Seaworthiness is the essence of each yacht, while habitability is the core of each long-range yacht. Both are deeply in our design DNA.

ITAC Marine’s proudest achievement is power catamarans customized design service. We focus on amplifying the inherent strengths of power catamarans and paying attention to details. We design the power catamarans for those with adventure at heart.
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A truly multi-disciplinary yacht design company.
ITAC Marine is one of the few yacht design firms around the world that is truly multi-disciplinary. We can provide a complete design package for any vessel: naval architecture, exterior and interior design, engineering. This allows us to develop any project with a holistic approach, providing solutions that integrate each other and finding the best compromises to reach all of the client’s requests.

Over the years we had experience designing a wide range of vessels: mostly private yachts, but also work boats; monohulls and multi-hulls; sail and power boats; from as little as 6 m up to superyachts of 40 m in length.
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In all our designs safety and comfort are of the upmost importance and cannot be compromised, we want our clients to be able to sail the oceans and explore the world in total piece of mind.

We want to design vessels that are elegant and timeless. We don’t have a typical style that we apply to all designs, nor we follow any passing fashion, we strive to design yachts that are modern and will remain attractive for the decades to come.

Above all we always keep in mind that the yachts that we design do not belong to us but to their owners. That's why we tailor each project around the client's needs. Our mission is to bring to life the client's ideas and dreams, supporting them with our creativity and technical expertise.
Multihull of The Year 2024 Winner
Multihull of The Year 2024 Nominee
Multihull of The Year 2022 Nominee
Creative China The Fifteenth National Design Art Awards
Our Team
  • Riccardo Bulgarelli
    Design Director
  • Fiona
  • Wang Chun
    Yacht Designer
  • Irene Pirrone
    Interior Designer
  • Erin
    Marketing Manager
  • Yania Demaria
    Naval Architect
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